We’re easy to talk to! Have a question about our services or pricing? Wondering what you need to bring for our spa services? Want to leave some feedback about your visit? Our Community page has a list of FAQs, as well as multiple ways to reach our team!


Frequently Asked Questions




Why doesn’t your salon services have prices on the website?

It’s like going to your favorite ice cream shop and adding the toppings you want. Every person is different in what they put on their sundae. It’s the same for your hair. You are unique and we believe you should decide what you want. We would love to sit down with you and have a conversation on what you are wanting. Maybe you want a drastic change or maybe it is a simple touch up, the price is determined by what you on wanting to do, not by what a menu says.


Does that mean it’s expensive?

No. That’s the great part. We have different levels of stylists to ensure that we can meet your budget needs. You will receive a consultation with every service and your stylist will give you options with a price attached to it. Then it is up for you to decide.


So if I get a new stylist should I be worried that they don’t have enough training?

All of our stylists go through extensive training with our in house educators and top professionals from around the world. They must meet our stringent requirements before they are allowed to take guests. Education is a requirement to be apart of the Serenity Couture team.

Why do you call your spa a wellness center?

We believe that the services we offer in our spa are an essential part of maintaining good health. Every day we encounter many stressful events that can get us out of balance. You need a place where you can center yourself. We want our wellness center to be a place you can find that peace and wellness. That’s why we have our membership options, you can now enjoy spa services on a monthly basis at a discounted rate.


Why do you not use water in your pedicures?

There were many concerns about sanitary pedicures when we were designing the spa. We knew that the best part of the pedicure is the massage and hated it when the water would be too hot or too cold. With that we decided to create a pedicure that would incorporate more massage and be completely safe. And it worked! Our guest love our pedicures and it was voted top pedicure by DSM magazine.


Why is an Aveda facial different?

Aveda believes in high touch not high machine. With an Aveda facial you will receive a skin care analysis, foot cleanse, relaxing massage, masque, hand massage and facial massage. Aveda’s approach is to ensure beautiful skin with techniques derived from ancient wisdom and modern science.


What is Elemental Nature?

Elemental Nature is based on the science of Ayurveda. Ayur means life and Veda means knowledge. By using the knowledge of Ayurveda we can customize your service based on what you need today to ensure that you have balance restored to your skin, muscles or whatever your concern is today.


Should I arrive earlier than my appointment time for my
spa service?

We highly recommend that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment so that you can take time to decompress and shut off the stressers of the day. Feel free to change into a robe and sit and relax with a cup of comforting tea.


How does Serenity Couture get involved in the community?

Serenity Couture participates in many events throughout the city. Our big event starts in March with Earth Month kickoff in which we raise money in cooperation with the Audubon society to help clean up Saylorville Lake and the Mississippi River. At our annual guest open house event we have a book drive for Mentor Iowa which mentors young children within the metro Des Moines area.  If you have a cause that is close to your heart and would like Serenity Couture to get involved please fill out a donation request and we will get back to you.







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